Yehwadam Jeju Magnolia Pure Brightening Emulsion - 140 ml


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  • Transparent fluid texture to deliver refreshing sensation to the skin Preps to promote clear looking skin surface and instantly cares for dry skin.
  • Improves rough skin texture to create clear, bright looking skin surface.

 What Causes of Dull Skin?

  • When impurities are accumulated in skin, dark spots and blemishes are generated, complexion looks darker, and skin seems aged in general with the aging of skin, the speed of skin cell regenerating process slows down.
  • It causes poor turnover of skin cells, and eventually becomes the main reason of rough, flaky skin texture.


  • formula containing serine and allantoin, active substances that have the effect of removing stubborn dead skin cells without irritation by removing calcium ion, which plays the role of dead skin cell adhesive.
  • Magnolia with heaven sent natural brightening effect, White Magnolia
  • Pearl, Empress Myong Seung of Joseon Dynasty applied pearl powder on the face to have clear skin.

 The 3 medicinal herbal ingredients with the energy of ‘'White''

  • White ginseng: According to a record, Hwan Jin-Yi, a legendary beauty in Korean history, used to drink white ginseng brew daily for brightening effect.
  • Yang Guifei’s brightening secret, Poria Cocos & Baizhu: Brightening functional medicinal herbs recorded in Korean traditional medicine books.
  • These herbs are known to treat dull skin tone and remove dark spots by regenerating skin cells.

 The 3 medicinal herbal ingredients to promote blood circulation.

  • Honey suckles: Has an effect of lowering heat accumulated inside the body and removing toxins.
  • Angelica: Effect of removing clogged energy and blood
  • Peony: Effect of replenishing energy and blood in the liver


  • Every morning and evening, after Toning the face, apply adequate amount on face and pat lightly for absorption.