Jeju Aloe 95%, Fresh Soothing Gel TUB - 300ML (EARPEARP)
NEW PACKAGING! What is aloe vera? Aloe Vera also called nature’s miracle plant or the plant of immortality, comes from the gel of the leafs of the Aloe Vera plant and has been used as a natural beauty ingredient for thousands of years....
AED 37.00
Aloe Water Aloe Fresh Soothing Mist- 130 ml
Aloe Water Aloe Fresh Soothing Mist- 130 ml A moisturizing mist that soothes sensitive and dry skin Enriched with 90 percent aloe vera leaf extract; essence-water texture recharges skin hydration; micro spray delivers fine distribution for faster absorption; paraben free;...
AED 63.00
Sold Out
Passion and Beyond Angel Aqua Brightening Milky Toner - 500 ml
Benefits: This dual function toner in mega size (500ml) to replenish moisture and improve skin texture after cleansing. INGREDIENTS: Containing Niacinamide, plant-based oils such as Lemon Peel Oil, Bergamot Peel Oil for brightening effect, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin Tree...
AED 95.00
Sold Out
Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Toner 150ml
Highlights Rebalances the pH levels of the skin Immediate boost of hydration to the skin Adds a layer of protection Perfect for sensitive and normal skin Smooth and rich texture that can be applied quickly and is absorbed just as...
AED 69.00
Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Emulsion - 150 ml
Rice Ceramide Moisture Emulsion relieves dry skin and reduces flaking with the use of ceramide, which helps to maintain the skin barrier. Rice extract corrects skin texture by reducing the appearance of dark spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation. The lightweight formula...
AED 69.00
Rice Ceramide Moisture Cream - 50ML
Rice & Ceramide Moisturizing Cream is a highly moisturizing cream enriched with rice extracts, rice bran oil, ceramide and lecithin. Its creamy texture provides long lasting smooth absorption without stickiness. Features: Intensely moisturizing cream packed with rice extracts, rice bran...
AED 69.00
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