Dr.Belmeur Derma Repair Shampoo - 500ml

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    •  Liquid


    •  A derma repair hair line that gives hypoallergenic care for scalp and professional anti-hair loss function


    • Anti-hair loss shampoo for scalp and hair
    • Shampoo with no 15 chemical and artificial additives
    • Eliminates waste on hair and recovers hair volume


    • Improves damaged hair from perm, heat, and UV rays(43.77%
    • improved after two weeks of usage).
    • Improves the damaged hair-tips from perm and dyeing (43.14% improved after two weeks of usage)
    • Provides hair volume (richness) (16.03% improved after five times usage)
    • Gives volume to the hair root (16.53% improved after ten times usage)
    • Improves the hair shine (angel-ring)(78.29% improved after one time usage)
    • Improves hair moisture (evaluated with a device, holds +1.86% moisture compared to non-applied hair)
    • Reduces scalp sebum, increase scalp elasticity, holds hair volume and re-duces hair-breakage


    • Wet scalp and hair with warm water and apply moderate amount of the treatment on scalp and hair.
    • Massage gently and rinse thoroughly with water