Yehwadam Jeju Magnolia Pure Brightening Toner - 160ml

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Texture: Liquid


  • Transparent, lightweight texture for a refreshing feel
  • Exfoliates to reveal a clear, smooth surface
  • Hydrates dry skin


  • Improves rough texture for a brighter, clearer complexion
  • Addresses dullness caused by:
  1. Impurity buildup (leading to blemishes and dark spots)
  2. Slower skin cell turnover (causing roughness and flakiness)


  • Exfoliating Complex:
  1. Serine & Allantoin: Gently remove dead skin cells without irritation
  • Brightening Complex:
  1. White Magnolia Extract: Natural brightening effect
  2. Pearl Extract: Traditionally used for clear skin
  3. White Ginseng Extract: Promotes brightening
  4. Poria Cocos & Baizhu: Traditional medicinal herbs known to reduce dullness and dark spots
        • Blood Circulation Complex:
        1. Honey Suckle: Reduces heat and removes toxins
        2. Angelica: Improves circulation
        3. Peony: Replenishes energy and blood flow

        How to Use:

        • Apply morning and evening after cleansing.
        • Apply a sufficient amount to your face and pat gently for absorption.

              Customer Reviews

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              Usagi Tsukino
              Where have u been all my life 🤣

              10/10 for me . I tried a lot of skin cares but i didn't get satisfied of result. Now i tried this yehwadam i will not try some other brand it suits my skin no more irritation and dryness . Im happy with yehwadam.this my second using serum, emulsion, cream as well.

              Leah Amores
              Poor communication- No one responding

              Dear Concern,
              On the same date that I ordered in Face shop, I sent an Email that I need to cancel my order and change to a different one. I even contacted Quiqip delivery online to discontinued my order and they acknowledged it. I did not receive the item yet, however I already have on process online money deduction in Tabby. I even contacted Tabby but they told me only the shop can handle my complaint, hence no body looking out my Email and bother to reply.

              I will come to one of your shop tomorrow to discuss physically about the item that I order which I overlooked. I suppose to order Emulsion but the order that I made is toner.

              I hope someone from your team manage to contact me and update my request.

              Yours Truly,