Quick Hair Puff Black #04 - 7g
Powder-type hair puff that cleans hair lines with natural color and moisturizes the scalp with a septic effect.  HOW TO USE Select hair puff to match hair color. Open the hair puff and remove the inner vinyl. Arrange the flippers...
AED 95.00
Dr.Belmeur Derma Repair Shampoo - 500 ml
THE FACE SHOP Dr. Belmeur Derma Repair Shampoo is gentle yet slightly acidic, effective to remove sebum, dirt and impurities. This shampoo is enriched with Madecassoside and Mentha Arvensis Leaf Extract. The combination of these ingredients mildy revitalizes your hair...
AED 145.00
Dr.Belmeur Derma Repair Treatment - 200 ml
The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Derma Repair Treatment is a scalp treatment formulated with mild ingredients such as Madecassoside & Mentha Arvensis Leaf Extract. The combination of these ingredients helps reduce scalp's scaling and redness. Mentha Arvenis Leaf Extract is...
AED 95.00
50% OFF - Dr.Belmeur Derma Repair Booster - 100 ml
 Dr. Belmeur Derma Repair Booster is an effective scalp care treatment formulated with gentle ingredients. This product contains Madecassoside which helps to minimise scalp scaling and redness. The Mentha Arvensis Leaf Extract in this product will awaken your scalp's blood...
AED 195.00 AED 97.00
Passion and Beyond Professional Defense Conditioner - 450 ml
Contains cranberries, blueberries and juniper berries, which provide nutrition to the hair and scalp and carry a sweet scent.Cranberries and blueberries in this daily conditioner provide nutrition and keep hair healthy and silky with a refreshing feeling.(Complex consist of Alchemilla...
AED 140.00
Passion and Beyond Healing force Scalp Clinic Exfoliator - 100ML
Description:A specialized scalp exfoliator that softly removes impurities and dead skin cells blocking scalp skin pores with a natural plant scrubber, lygodium while the formula which includes Houttuynia cordata and morus bark extracts gently moisturize the scalp. How to use:STEP...
AED 110.00
Passion and Beyond Healing Force Scalp Clinic Serum - 150ml
Formulated with Baobab Tree Extract and Centella Asiatica that soothes the scalp, the specialized hair treatment helps to improve scalp health and strengthen hair fibers, supporting the hair’s resistance to breakage. Healing Force Scalp Clinic Range:A silicone-free scalp care range,...
AED 150.00
Passion and Beyond Damage Repair Hair & Scalp Pack - 200 ml
BEYOND Damage Repair Scalp & Hair Pack is a nutritious all-in-one hair treatment. This wash-off massage lotion is perfect for those with damaged scalp and hair. Enriched with Brazilian Nut Seed Oil and Murumuru Butter this product will strengthen your...
AED 120.00
Passion and Beyond Damage Repair Treatment -150 ml
Beyond's Damage Repair Treatment provides a soft coating layer on damaged hair, providing deep nourishment and hydration, making it shiny and elastic. Enriched with Brazil Nut Seed Oil and Murumuru Butter, it supplies rich nutrition, restoring the hair's healthy condition. Hair treatment product...
AED 105.00
Passion and Beyond Deep Clean Cooling Shampoo - 450ml
Contains chamomile, rosemary, tea tree and fruits extracts with natural AHA components, which provide soothe a scalp and scalp cleanly.Shampoo containing herb components like chamomile, rosemary and tea tree and natural AHA derived from fruits (bilberry and orange) removes dandruff...
AED 130.00
Passion and Beyond Deep Clean Cooling Scaler
Specifications: It is a scaler that removes waste substances and keratin from the scalp with external stimuli and sebum secretion.. Contains Lygodii Spora, a raw material for plant scrubs, scaling to the fine parts of the scalp. Healthy scalp care...
AED 115.00
Passion and Beyond Deep Moisture Shampoo - 450ml
Formulated with patented Water Capture, Deep Moisture Shampoo. Provides a thorough cleanse while adding a boost of moisture. This moisturizing, silicone not added shampoo features a concentrated formula that nourishes, hydrates and forms a rich, creamy lather for softening. How...
AED 120.00
Passion and Beyond Deep Moisture Conditioner - 450ml
Main Features: Infused with Olive extract, Honey & Milk, this deeply moisturizing hair conditioner gently nourishes, softens and adds moisture to dry, damaged hair. Deep Moisture Hair Range: A silicone-free moisturizing hair range inspired from BEYOND’s best selling body care...
AED 120.00
Passion and Beyond Argan Therapy Signature Oil - 130ml
BEYOND Argan Therapy Signature Oil is a highly moisturizing and nourishing hair oil formulated with Morrocan Argan Oil, Monola Oil and Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil. It has a rich, viscous consistency that wraps around hair strands to deliver deep moisture,...
AED 85.00
Passion and Beyond Argan Therapy Hair Mist - 150ml
Contains argan oil to offer nutrients and moisture to your dry hair. Makes your hair healthy. Eco Farming Complex Dermatologically Tested No Paraben Added Minimum Chemical Colorants Eco Beauty Lab Contains Moroccan argan oil, monoi oil, and macadamia oil, which...
AED 75.00
Essential Damage Care Hair Serum - 100ml
Benefits: Enriched with essential oils extracted from plants such as argan, coconut, olive to nourish the rough, damaged hair. Keeps your hair soft, bouncy and shiny. Leaves a long-lasting floral and fruity scents on your hair. Dermatologically tested. How to...
AED 99.00
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