Daily Beauty Tools Eyelash Curler
Daily Beauty Tools Eyelash Curler High-grade rubber padding with a smooth, flexible silicone joint, combined with a handle designed to fit, firmly. Create curvature of lashes before applying mascara. The eyelash curler is designed to be convenient, easy to use,...
AED 21.00
Daily Beauty Tools Folding Eyebrow Trimmer - 2 Pcs
A precise eyebrow trimmer that helps to trim away stray and unwanted hairs to create the perfect brows. Stainless steel eyebrow shapers allow you to trim your brows easily and accurately. Uses it to gently shave away excess hair. How...
AED 21.00
Daily Beauty Tools Eyebrow Trimmer - 2pc
Daily Beauty Tools Eyebrow Trimmer, 2EA is a nice tool for trimming eyebrows. How to use: Apply a few drops of lotion on or near the eyebrow area for skin protection before plucking eyebrows. Lean the Eyebrow trimmer as much...
AED 21.00
Daily Beauty Tools Charcoal & Konjac Cleansing Puff - 1 pc
This cleansing puff contains bamboo charcoal, which has excellent absorbing properties to eliminate impurities in pores.This puff gently exfoliates even sensitive skin to reveal a clear complexion. How to use: 1. Apply soap or cleansing foam on the face and...
AED 27.00
Oil Blotting Films - 50 sheets
Gently cleans excessive sebum and turns into glowing complexion. With a powerful oil-absorbing ingredient, this blotting paper instantly freshens your skin up and eliminates shine. 50 films included. Blot away excess oil with this set of 50 silky soft blotting...
AED 21.00
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