Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Snow Glow Dark Spot Attenuating Multi Balm - 7g

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AED 200.00

Texture: Liquid


  • Formulated with a special delivery system to enhance penetration of active ingredients.


  • May visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots after four weeks of consistent use 
  • May soothe and offer some antioxidant benefits due to Yunseoldan 
  • May target the root cause of dark spots with Vital Quinone Complex


  • Yunseoldan (Korean herbal formula): Known for its soothing and antioxidant properties.
  • Vital Quinone Complex (Western herbal blend): Claimed to target the root cause of dark spots, but specific details are missing.
  • Daffodil & Pyruvate: Less scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness for dark spots.

How to Use:

  • Apply it as the last step of your nighttime skincare routine to targeted areas.
  • Avoid using it right after washing your face in the evening (reason not provided).