The Solution Double-Up HYDRATING Mask Sheet- 20g

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AED 20.00
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The content of customized solution ingredients for each skin problem is doubled compared to the existing Solution Mask Sheet.

Hydrating Face Mask (Moisturizing Care)
The moisture-charged, super-hydrating serum with Hyaluronic Acid replenishes dry skin with droplets of moisture.

- Effect: Helps dry, thirsty skin lock in moisture.
- Feature: Contains Hyaluronic Acid & Light-as-Air Sheet

How to use:
1. After cleansing, prepare the skin texture with toner, then take out the sheet and spread out the folded part.
2. Align the eyes and nose first and apply evenly over the entire face.
3. Remove after 10~20 minutes and pat the remaining essence on the skin lightly for absorption.

Important Details of a Product

*Period after opening (PAO)* refers to the amount of time a product will remain stable and safe for human use after it has first been opened.

*For example* , if the PAO label shows “12M”, it will mean that you can use that particular cosmetic product for “twelve months” from the day of its opening.

The Solution Double-Up HYDRATING Mask Sheet- 20g
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