The Face Shop The Solution Double-Up MOISTURIZING Mask Sheet - 20g

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  •  Clear, watery Essence type Mask
  • The content of customized solution ingredients for each skin problem is doubled compared to the existing Solution Mask Sheet.
Moisturizing Face Mask (Moisture Care)
  • The super moisturizing essence containing Pearl Extracts and Niacinamide brightens a dull complexion and helps maintain a clean, flawless look.
  • Effect: Provides a brightening solution to dull skin.
  • Feature: Contains Pearl Extracts and Niacinamide & Light-as-Air Sheet


  • How to make pearl powders: Grounds up the boiled, sterilized luminescent balls into a fine, light powder
  • Traditionally known as a symbol of healthy and longevity, also used as brightening secrets. For instance, Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, was known to use pearl in her beauty regimen.
  • Essential Amino Acids contained in Pearl are the building blocks of proteins, and help make up vital skin
  • Pearl also contains a special compound known as Conchiolin. This unique pearl protein promotes healthy collagen production, which results in plump, glowing skin.
  • After face washing, use a toner to refine skin. Open the pouch to take out the mask.
    Remove the transparent film from the sheet divided into upper & lower areas.
  • Place the upper part of the sheet on the face, aligning the holes with the eyes and nose. Then remove the rest of the film.
  • Place the lower part of the sheet on the face, aligning the hole with the lips. Then remove the rest of the film.
    Leave it on for around 20 –40 minutes until the hydrogel sheet becomes transparent. Remove the mask and gently pat any excess product into skin


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