Belif The White Decoction Ultimate Brightening Essence - 50 ml

AED 295.00
AED 295.00
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Elastic jelly type brightening essence with highly concentrated formula for mild but strong brightening effects. Watery texture gel type essence can smoothly glides on the skin. It can helps to provide deep moisture from both Hyaluronic Acid and plant-based moisturizing agent, Betaine.

No mineral oil, artificial fragrance, artificial coloring, animal originated ingredients

Main Features:

  • A lightweight, brightening booster that revitalizes dull skin from within, revealing an even, healthy glow.
  • A gel-textured serum that gently yet intensely lightens dark spots and hyperpigmentation, to promote skin clarity and radiance.
  • Also, it inhibits melanin production to keep skin looking even and bright.
  • Formulated with Root White Decoction Formula™, where herbal extracts (Heather, Feverfew, Teasel) are slowly brewed over an extended period of time to create the most effective brightening cocktail for skin.
  • Also infused with Herb Vitamins (Vitamin B & C Derivatives) that aids further in brightening and refining skin texture.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: A powerful humectant that delivers hydration deep into skin layers; increases skin elasticity
  • Herb Vitamins (Vitamin B & C Derivatives): Excellent skin-conditioning and anti-aging properties; detoxifies skin while preventing melanin formation
  • Napiers White Formula: belif’s Brightening Formula that revives dull skin by improving skin texture and quality while boosting radiance.
  • Napiers Original Formula: belif’s Key Formula that promotes overall skin health with potent antioxidants containing skin-calming and anti-blemish properties.

5 Free Formula:
All belif products do not contain mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, synthetic preservatives, and animal-derived ingredients.

Usage Directions:
After applying toner, pump two to three times onto palm before gently patting into face.

Suitable For:
All skin types.

Belif The White Decoction Ultimate Brightening Essence - 50 ml
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