belif Aqua Bomb Brightening Ampoule Serum - 50 ml
FEATURES: With the same explosive burst of hydration as belif’s cult-favourite Aqua bomb, the skin-brightening ampoule is enriched with the antioxidant-rich Herb-Toco Formula to even out skin tone and reduce pigmentation. Equipped with a micro-encapsulation delivery system in which micro-bubble...
AED 330.00
belif Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser - 160 ml
FEATURES: A gentle jelly-to-foam cleanser with the same explosive burst of hydration as belif's cult favorite The True Cream Aqua Bomb, that gently removes all traces of makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of moisture. SKIN TYPE:  Normal, Combination,...
AED 130.00
belif Aqua Bomb Mist - 60 ml
SKIN TYPE: Normal, Oily , Combination , Dry, Sensitive FEATURES: An ultra-fine, soft, and lightweight mist formulated with Aqua Bombs lady's mantle extract and star weed to hydrate skin for a healthy glow without smudging makeup. Important Details of a...
AED 250.00
belif Aqua Bomb Refining Ampoule Serum - 50 ml
BENEFITS: Improves rough, uneven skin texture caused by dehydration, sun damage or clogged pores. Refreshing gel-like serum that glides over skin smoothly before being absorbed without a sticky finish. FEATURES: With the same explosive burst of hydration as belif’s cult-favourite...
AED 330.00
belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask - 75 ml
  FEATURES: Lock and seal in explosive, powerful moisture all night long for ultra-hydrated and nourished skin with this innovative jelly-pudding sleeping mask. FORMULATED: Napier's Aqua formula: Ultra-hydrating formula boosts hyaluronic acid. Lady's Mantle: Moisturizing herb used since medieval times...
AED 165.00
belif Aqua Bomb Smart Cleansing Oil Balm 100 ml
FEATURES: Designed to be used as a first-step cleanser, the gentle cleansing balm transforms from a balm, to a cream, and then to oil, to effectively remove all traces of makeup and impurities while locking in moisture to keep skin soft...
AED 230.00
belif Aqua Bomb Vita Water Cream - 50 ml
FEATURES:  brightening moisturizer formulated with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to quickly replenish the skin's moisture levels while keeping the skin looking clear and bright. It is high in antioxidants that help brighten dull complexion, fade dark spots...
AED 280.00
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belif Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist - 160 ml
INGREDIENTS:  unique blend of time-tested apothecary herbs that are rich in vitamin C: wormwood to prevent breakouts, soapberry to detoxify, and sweet flag to cleanse and soften. These botanical ingredients are effective, natural, gentle, and non-stripping cleansing agents. Ideal for...
AED 125.00
belif creamy moisturizer deep moist 125ml
FEATURES: This moisturizer for dry skin type gently nourishes the skin, replenishing  skin for smoother, healthier skin. Molokhia extracts rich in antioxidant polyphenols and minerals in moisturizer prevents dryness and impart overall radiance and  luminosity to the skin. INGREDIENTS: Contains...
AED 250.00
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belif First Aid Overnight Skin Regenerate - 50 ml
FEATURES: A sleeping mask that intensively nourishes skin, helping to restore skin vitality overnight. An ultra-nourishing mask that revives dull and exhausted skin and improves skin elasticity and texture while strengthening skin barrier against environmental aggressors. Comes with preventative skin...
AED 150.00
belif Herb Bouquet Concentrate - 50ml
FEATURES: Contains Herb bouquet TM, belief's special formula with 15 careful-selected herbs and vitamin B3 and C. Radiant looking glow , Improves the appearance of skin texture, Supports skin resilience for a firmer look HOW TO USE: After using toner, pump...
AED 350.00
belif Hungarian Water Essence - 75 ml
FEATURE: What it is: An instant, lightweight hydration recharger serum that is powerfully effective for deep, lasting hydration. FORMULATED: Hungarian Water Essence recharges skin's lost hydration back in an instant. This formula contains a blend of apothecary herbs, including rosemary...
AED 235.00
belif Hungarian Water Essence-Moisture Binder - 75 ml
BENEFITS: belif Hungarian Water Essence - Moisture Binder recharges skin's lost hydration back in an instant. This formula contains a blend of apothecary herbs, including rosemary and lavender-powerful hydrating and antioxidant agents. This ultra-light watery texture instantly glides onto skin...
AED 265.00
belif Mild and effective facial scrub
FEATURE: An effective facial scrub with natural spore scrub that eliminates old dead skin cells, followed by the French cotton scrub that gently wipes pore wastes. Has a unique blend of Lemon balm that are A lemon-like scent, not only...
AED 125.00
Belif Moisturizing Bomb Stick - 7g
BENEFITS: Easy and convenient anytime, anywhere! Moisturizing Bomb™ Multi Balm Stick that provides moisture, nutrition and radiance to the skin. Only 3 types of elasticity oil complex, shea butter, and oil moisturizing make the skin firm and moist. CONTAINS: cedrol,...
AED 130.00
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belif Moisturizing Bomb Toner - 200 ml
Which skin type is it good for? ✔ Normal ✔ Combination ✔ Dryness/Dullness/Uneven Texture ✔ Oiliness ✔ Pores, Acne/Blemishes FEATURE: The Aqua bomb hydrating toner is a watery, lightweight toner formulated with Honeysuckle and Baobab tree extract to provide a refreshing spash...
AED 175.00

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