Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Eye Cream -25ml

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AED 280.00
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  • Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Eye Cream is a soft, rich eye cream made with plum flower, safflower, goji berries and ginseng to deliver nourishment to the delicate skin around the eyes. It has a soft peaks-like consistency that absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving a layer of moisture to strengthen skin barrier, improve elasticity and brighten the eye area to help fade dark circles and fine lines. The result is revitalized, bright, firmer skin for youthful-looking complexion.
  • Moisturizing eye cream
  • Helps improve the appearance of fine lines
  • Fades dark circles
  • Brightening effect
  • Soft peaks consistency
  • Plum Flowers in oriental medicine: Comforts the liver, eases congestion, relieves clogged bodily flows. Excellent detoxifying effect, refreshing for eyes and brain.
  • MOISTURE: Improves hyaluronic acid production, the ingredient that helps skin stay hydrated.
  • BRIGHTNESS & CLARITY: Decreases the rate of melanin synthesis, the ingredient that causes dark spots and discoloration.


  • Dispense a small amount and gently dab on the skin around your eyes using your ring finger.

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Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Eye Cream -25ml
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