The Faceshop Dewy Lasting Skin Base 03 ( Minty ) - 35ml

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    TEXTURE: Minty Liquid

    • Minty liquid texture - Refreshing and potentially cooling on the skin.
    • Corrects redness to express even, natural-looking skin tone
    • Color-correcting base tailored to personal colors to lighten dark & dull skin tone and add even & smooth glow
    • Non-greasy & Smooth-feeling 
    • Skin fit COLOR pigments for natural tone correction and moisturized & even-looking complexion
    • Skin coating powder that gently & seamlessly fits skin to maintain smooth skin texture
    • Formulated with a non-greasy Alkyl Benzoate emollient with a high level of spreading co-efficient to be absorbed seamlessly & weightlessly into skin
    • Blended with Elastomer gel with Polyether chains combined with Silicone Polymer for gentle, smooth application
    • Includes vegan milk and Provitamin B5 to keep skin moisturized
    • Formulated with natural plant ingredients and rose water to add dewy glow to dry skin

    How to Use:

    • Apply a small amount to a clean, dry face after your skincare routine.
    • Smooth evenly over your entire face, blending outwards from the center.
    • Use a brush or sponge for a more even application (optional).
    • Let the primer dry completely before applying your makeup.
    * End of your skincare routine, after sunscreen and before foundation