Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating Emulsion - 140 ml


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SKU: 8801051615845 ISBN: 8801051615845
AED 295.00


  • Highly concentrated formula with half-transparent essence formula that delivers a firming and moisturizing sensation. 


  •  The premium total anti-aging line up upgraded with more precious, more powerful Korean medicinal ingredients with more stylish design


  •  Anti-aging emulsion concentrate with a silky and dense formula that coats skin for a softened look
  • Upgraded ingredients with effects to reduce the sign of wrinkles for 5 years younger-looking skin substantiated by clinical tests


  • Twice the volume of Cheon Hye Myeong Ui Dan included to replenish skin essentials: Includes twice the volume of CheonHyeMyeongUiDan, a blend created based on traditional Korean medicinal theory of blended medicines and concepts from age-old Korean medicinal philosophy to enhance the skin’s beauty
  • BoYoonDanwith two precious mushroom ingredients for nourishment, hydration, and better elasticity: Upgraded with top-quality, superior extra grade white truffles, with deer antler, an animal-derived ingredient with powerful collagen synthesis effect, replaced by antler ganoder malucidum, a plant-based ingredient with the same efficacy
  • GongJinChilYunDanto boost skin radiance: Formulated with carefully selected three herbs (angelica, cornel dogwood, wild thyme) and seven skin care ingredients Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating Line (Renewal)_Ingredient
  • Upgraded to a K-clean beauty global clean formula global clean formula that is free of animal-derived ingredients and environmentally harmful fluorine substance


    • Apply after the Serum and smooth it over the face and neck using gentle pressing motions to aid absorption.