FMGT Gold Collagen Ampoule Luxury Base - 40ml

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    •  Shimmer Liquid


    •  A makeup base to express moist, glowing skin featured by a hydrating gel base formulated with rich gold particles and collagen


     Clean Collagen

    • It features Type III collagen frequently found in young skin, particularly baby’s skin
    • It uses cruelty-free collagen certified by the Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services (vegan collagen certified)
    • It contains collagen cultivated with an advanced technique using ultra-small microbes with less molecules (E.coli) rather than fish-derived collagen
    Neossance Squalane
    • It’s formulated with Phyto squalane extracted from sugar cane in an environment-friendly way, helps to create moisturized skin texture.
    • It maintains long-lasting moisture with excellent skin hydration efficacy
    Gold Power
    • It includes gold, a symbol of luxury and preciousnessIt adds subtle and elegant glow to skin
    • It boosts skin circulation and invigorates cells


    • Take a small amount and evenly spread over the face, Pat the skin lightly with your fingers to stimulate the absorption