Designing Eyebrow Pencil 02 Gray Brown - 0.3g

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Auto eyebrow pencil with square flat brow to design eyebrows with ease and convenience.
  • Natural touch every day with a less-irritating square brow: Change from the existing triangular type to a smoother square type ensures less irritation even on sensitive skin to support a smooth and natural-looking eyebrow every day
  • Easy and convenient flat brow design: even a beginner can complete a straight-line eyebrow with ease and convenience by just straight stroking with The Face Shop's exclusive design flat brow
  • Looking trendy from light brown to dark color: new additional colors to allow you to choose the right color for you and create more spontaneous and trendier eyebrows.
How To Use
Fill the inside of brow lines with auto-type pencil.
Stroke the eyebrows with the brush in the rear to tidy them up.

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Designing Eyebrow Pencil 02 Gray Brown - 0.3g
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