Daily Beauty Tools Charcoal & Konjac Cleansing Puff - 1 pc

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AED 27.00
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This cleansing puff contains bamboo charcoal, which has excellent absorbing properties to eliminate impurities in pores.
This puff gently exfoliates even sensitive skin to reveal a clear complexion.

How to use:

1. Apply soap or cleansing foam on the face and gently massage with the charcoal & Konjac cleansing puff in circular motion.

2. You can apply soap or cleansing foam directly on the charcoal & Konkan cleansing puff.

3. after use, remove water and store in a well-ventilated place using the string on the product to hang it.(Refrigeration is recommended.)







Important Details of a Product

*Period after opening (PAO)* refers to the amount of time a product will remain stable and safe for human use after it has first been opened.

*For example* , if the PAO label shows “12M”, it will mean that you can use that particular cosmetic product for “twelve months” from the day of its opening.

Daily Beauty Tools Charcoal & Konjac Cleansing Puff - 1 pc
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