Passion and Beyond Total Recovery Gentle Polish Scrub - 200 ml

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A highly moisturizing and anti-aging body line with sweet apple floral scent.

Highly moisturizing body scrub that gives smooth elasticity to the skin.
Nutritional ingredients containing the power of nature deliver a feeling of moisture and elasticity deep into the skin.

 A highly moisturizing body line that contains hibiscus flower extract, fermented water, and ceramide to give deep moisture and
   smooth elasticity to the skin.

How to use When showering or bathing, take an appropriate amount of the product while it is wet and gently massage the skin in a circular motion, If white foam appears, rinse thoroughly with water.

Main Ingredients : Hibiscus flower extract, natural ripening pure water, ceramide Sweet apple floral scent smoothly covers rough and dry skin to create firm body skin.

Nutrients with natural scent gives moisture and elasticity deep into skin and wraps skin softly and smoothly.







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