Passion and Beyond Total Recovery Bubble Bath - 250 ml

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Passion & Beyond Total Recovery is a highly moisturizing anti-aging body line that treats extremely dry skin with great absorption.
Gentle formula that eliminates harmful ingredients such as Mineral oil and TEA (Triethanolamine), and contains strengthened natural moisturizing ingredients
Sweet and lovely apple floral fragrance
Anti-wrinkle function
Contains 10% Organic Certified Complex™
Made with: organic ingredients grown in clean and healthy areas where chemical fertilizers and pesticides were not used for 3 years
Soothe and moisturize skin
Followed by organic extracting process, extract naturally without using organic solvents

Containing the hibiscus flower extract, yeast fermentation water, ceramides and hypoallergenic cleansing ingredients, this bubble bath builds rich, aromatic foam to allow a greater joy of bathing.

[How to Use]

Turn on the water and lather bubble. (use 20~30ml / 150L water)

After bath, rinse off with lukewarm water.

Passion and Beyond Total Recovery Bubble Bath - 250 ml
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