Passion & Beyond Deep Moisture Signature Body Emulsion - 450 ml

AED 195.00
AED 195.00
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This soft cream body wash contains natural moisturizing ingredientsincluding Rice Milk oryza sativarice germ oil oryza sativa rice germ extract honey olives which provide radiance and hydration to dry skin.

A dual function body emulsion with whitening and anti-wrinkle benefits that contains Shea Butter to hydrate, smooth out skin.
Triple Active Source™ enriched with 3 types of Yeast Extract to nourish skin, leaving it moisturized and elastic.

-A body moisturizer with light, silky soft texture able to use anytime of the day in any climate. 
-A daily moisturizing body line that helps to keep the skin glossy and moisturized 
-Cater for extremely dry skin that need intensive moisture and nourishment 

Allergies : formulated without harsh ingredients and Parabens

Benefits : nourish skin/leaving it moisturized and elastic/whitening and anti-wrinkle benefits/hydrate, smooth out skin

How to Use 
After your shower, apply a moderate amount all over body evenly. 
Re-apply to dry elbow and heel intensively.
Passion & Beyond Deep Moisture Signature Body Emulsion - 450 ml
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