Belif Stress Shooter-Cica Bomb Cream - 50 ml

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Key Test Results: Skin soothing effect

  • Skin redness: After 2 weeks of use (significant improvement by 10.48%)
  • Transdermal water loss: After 2 weeks of use (significant improvement by18.41%) Decrease in skin's temperature
  • After single application: significant improvement by 19.29% & 6.93% temperature decrease after single use

Moisture improvement effect:

  1. After single use (significant improvement by 139.80%)
  2. After 2 weeks of use (significant improvement by 29.65%)

Texture: Plump pudding texture packed with burst of hydration When applying it bursts like water droplets and softly applies like a hydrating ampoule consistency Has a fresh finish without any stickiness for comfortable use all year round The combination of jojoba oil and olive oil delivers a light-weight application yet has strong moisturizing effects A formula that has similar pH with skin, instantly soothes skin and maintains a healthy pH balance.

Technology: Low-irritant safe formula

  1. Dense moisturizing care with triple hyaluronic acid deliver complete moisture to skin from the inside to the outside (low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, regular hyaluronic acid, FDA approved medical hyaluronic acid)
  2. A water composition that is close to 90% deliver instant moisturizing effect with a cooling sensation and a fresh finish: Maximized skin moisture for an instant drop in temperature without needing any cooling material for effective skin soothing 3. 99.9% EWG green rate, PEG free , micro plastic free formula for minimum skin irritation

Special Dropper: Uses differentiated hygienic container Hands do not directly touch the content making it hygienic Easy to control the amount of product that comes out for convenient use Hygienic / stable storage of product.

Belif Stress Shooter-Cica Bomb Cream - 50 ml
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