belif Problem Solution Vegan Essence - 50ML

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AED 230.00


  • This product improves the problem of excessive sebum secretion and excess oil that causes clogged pores, reducing the chance of developing acne-prone skin from the root and creating a healthy skin environment. It also replenishes moisture and nutrients to the skin, controls oil, soothes heated skin, and prevents acne problems from worsening. It effectively improves sebum secretion, and testing has shown that after using the product for 4 weeks, sebum secretion decreased by 47.4%*.


Troubled skin types

  • Customers who are in their 20's and above with acne prone skin and customer with old dead skin cells and sebum on the face causing inflammation.

Sensitive Oily skin Types 

  • Customers with oily skin with excess sebum secretion and customers who are suffering from flush and blood vessel expansion caused by sensitivity.


  • After applying toner, pump 2-3 times and pat gently over the face and neck for maximum absorption. It can also be applied on any other areas that need care.


  • Herbal formula:
  • Napiers Formula T
  • Napiers Original Formula

The effectiveness of Vegan Essence in improving sebum and oil was verified by 31 women with oily skin. Test conducted by Ellead Dermatological Research Institute

belif Problem Solution Vegan Essence - 50ML
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