Dr.Belmeur Intense Mask Cica Peptide - 40 ml
FEATURES: An ampoule sheet mask for intense moisture care to irritated, damaged skin with highly concentrated Cica Peptite Ampoule formula. Intense Mask Cica Peptide is an intense ampoule face mask that moisturises and repairs irritated and damaged skin while and...
AED 30.00 AED 18.00
Dr.Belmeur Cica Peptide Ampoule - 45ml
FEATURE: The energy ampoule with ingredients extracted from Centella asiatica* and peptide complex* energizes tired skin, creates a smoother surface, and helps strengthen the skin barrier for firmer skin.  About Dr.Belmeur CICA Recovery:  A premium derma-cosmetic skincare line that uses...
AED 260.00 AED 156.00
Passion and Beyond Intensive Ampoule Mask 2x ( CALMING CICA ) - 25ml
FEATURES: Calming Cica - Centella Asiatica Extract SOOTHES DAMAGED SKIN WHILE REPAIRING SKIN BARRIER   * Cica is no doubt the latest K-Beauty ingredient that is taking global spotlight. Known to be a sensitive-skin friendly ingredient, Cica is effective in calming...
AED 20.00 AED 12.00
Dr.Belmeur Derma Collagen Eye Patch 4g
FEATURE: Intensive wrinkle patch Low molecular collagen under 350Da Wrinkle improvement, whitening, double functionality, contains Adenosine and Niacinamide as main ingredients. HOW TO USE:  After washing your face, clean your skin with toner, take out the eye patch and remove...
AED 50.00 AED 30.00
Dr.Belmeur Total Youth Biome Ampoule - 35mL
FEATURES: Total Anti-Aging Ampoule that makes the skin that has lost strength and shines smoothly. Start premium total anti-aging care with a biome ampoule that takes care of five signs of skin aging: wrinkles, elasticity, pores, moisturization, and skin tone....
AED 325.00 AED 195.00
Dr.Belmeur Total Youth Biome Cream - 50ml
FEATURE: Anti-aging cream that takes care of the elasticity of skin 360 degrees. Start premium total anti-aging care with a biome cream that takes care of five signs of skin aging: wrinkles, elasticity, pores, moisturization, and skin tone. FORMULA:  containing...
AED 325.00 AED 195.00
Dr.Belmeur Total Youth Biome Multi-purpose Balm - 10g
FEATURES: A total anti-aging multi-balm that intensively improves wrinkles around the eyes, between the forehead and nasolabial folds by reapplying frequently. It is an anti-aging solution that improves the 5 signs of skin aging (wrinkle, elasticity, pores, moisture, skin tone)....
AED 220.00 AED 132.00
Dr.Belmeur Advanced Cica Toner - 150mL
FEATURES: A low-irritant cica toner to perfectly soothe sensitive skin and repair damaged skin A skin-balancing derma toner that builds up the inner strength of the skin and skin protection barrier by restoring oil-water balance of the skin A moisturizing...
AED 225.00 AED 135.00
Dr.Belmeur Advanced Cica Eye Cream - 25ml
FEATURES: This gentle eye cream can be used on delicate skin around the eyes to deliver firming careCica anti-ageing solution: Contains Centella asiatica-derived ingredients*, pro-retinol**, and ceramide. Features Skin-sync : Advanced(III), which helps promote the elasticity of sagging skin and...
AED 195.00 AED 117.00
Dr.Belmeur Advanced Cica Hydro Cream (60ml)
FEATURES: Dr.Belmeur line uses skin-repairing ingredients to treat and improve the skin. The Advanced Cica Hydro Cream is a facial moisturizer rich in ingredients like Centella Asiatica extract, Hyaluronic Acid, and Beta Glucan BENEFITS: to protect the skin barrier and...
AED 290.00 AED 174.00
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