Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Rejuvenating Radiance Toner - 160ml

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AED 250.00

Texture: Liquid


  • Part of the premium Yehwadam anti-aging line
  • Ultra-smooth formula with nutrients for a radiant glow
  • Deeply hydrates to restore skin vitality
  • Formulated with Korean traditional herbs for:
  1. Wrinkle improvement
  2. Whitening benefits
  3. Improved elasticity
      • Nourishes and revitalizes fatigued skin
      • Highly moisturizing with a nourishing after-feel
      • Improves overall skin texture by targeting the stratum (outermost skin layer)
      • Delivers a smooth and refined feel with technology


      • Deep hydration for a dewy, glowing complexion


      • Contains the brand's Cheon-hye-myeong-ui-dan complex and Hwa-yoon-dan complex 

      How to Use:

      • Apply a moderate amount.
      • Layer with other Yehwadam products for better results.
      • Massage gently for absorption.