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THE FACE SHOP Real Nature Mask Sheet Charcoal - 20g

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  •  Black Mask ( PURIFYING )


  • A daily-use hydrating sheet mask with excellent impurity absorbing ability to promote clear, bright complexion formulated with bamboo charcoal powder


  • A mask sheet helps your skin become smoother and brighter. Mask sheets made with natural herbs for beautiful and healthy skin Hibiscus has been called "Tea of Goddess" due to its excellent anti-oxidant effects and plentiful amount of vitamins. This mask contains hibiscus extract to help smoothing and brightening skin. Translucent soluble texture Packages specially designed with actual images of fresh herbs
  • Bamboo Charcoal Powder for clear skin - uses bamboo trees grown in Dam yang, a famous Korean city for bamboo tree forest-Bamboo charcoal has finely formed porous structure which enables to absorb heavy metals as well as to purify water efficiently-Also widely known for its detox, anti-bacterial effects, proven by various researches
  • Purifying & Soothing - The purifying mask sheet with charcoal powder will soothe chapped and stressed skin affected by external elements and tone up tired skin. Leaving it smooth and clear.  Water-type essence 
    Formulated without 5 additives: parabens, triethanolamine, propylene glycol,  colorant, mineral oil.
  • After face washing, use a toner to refine skin. Open the pouch to take out the mask.
    Remove the transparent film from the sheet divided into upper & lower areas.
  • Place the upper part of the sheet on the face, aligning the holes with the eyes and nose. Then remove the rest of the film.
  • Place the lower part of the sheet on the face, aligning the hole with the lips. Then remove the rest of the film.
    Leave it on for around 20 –40 minutes until the hydrogel sheet becomes transparent. Remove the mask and gently pat any excess product into skin