The Face Shop Smile Foot Mask -(Pack of 2)

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The foot mask contains shea butter, urea, collagen and peppermint oil, that will leave your feet feeling smooth and with a pleasant fragrance in just a single use.

Experience a dramatic change. Your feet will feel as soft as a baby's!

The Face Shop exfoliating foot mask includes skin liquid solution that removes calluses and makes feet smooth and soft. Natural plant-derived ingredients soften rough skin while pine leaf extract makes skin feel fresh and reenergized. Pamper your feet and get silky soft skin with the Smile Foot Mask. So easy to use, they allow you to relax while they nourish and hydrate your feet's damaged skin.


  • Pampers dry, cracked and calloused feet
  • High moisturizing properties
  • Peels away dead skin, revealing softer smoother feet
  • Fragranced
  • Each pack contains a pair of single-use foot masks

    Single Use Product.

    The pack contains: The box has two plastic socks and two pouches of serum (one pouch of serum for each foot).

    How to use

      • Wash and dry your feet.
      • Separate the socks along the dotted line.
      • The lining of the socks is already drenched in moisturizing essence. Put a sock on each foot and leave on for 20-30 minutes.
      • Remove and lightly pat the remaining essence into the skin until completely absorbed. 




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