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Power Perfection BB Cream Natural Beige V203 - 20g

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A total skin treatment BB cream that gives energy to skin with power elasticity, moisture, fixing effect. This tinted BB Cream perfectly covers skin imperfections and its dewy in texture & comfortable to wear. It contains perfect cover fix powder for fine seamless coverage!
It transforms dull skin helps hide skin pigments fine lines & freckles.
This product is dermatologically tested.
Created to give you a gorgeous Korean beauty experience.

Features & benefits: 

1. Total Skin Treatment

  • Omega-3: Makes skin supple, has a soothing, restoring & moisturizing effect
  • Vita Skin Complex: Promotes collagen production and powerful anti-oxidant effect
  • Dermatologist-tested

2. Better makeup results (flawless coverage + good adherence + long lasting)

  • Provides perfect coverage without being thick on the skin.
  • Contains coated powder similar to skin cells which offers great adherence.
  • It leaves skin feeling comfortable, providing delicate and long-lasting makeup results. 

3. Light airy-touch texture

  • A light-as-air texture that smoothly melts into the skin upon application making skin comfortable and able to breathe
  • Clinically tested. (Clinical trials to test firmness, moisturization, coverage, and long lasting ability)

How to Use:

After using the foundation step, take an appropriate amount and spread evenly on the skin, then lightly pat on the palm to absorb completely.



Important Details of a Product

*Period after opening (PAO)* refers to the amount of time a product will remain stable and safe for human use after it has first been opened.

*For example* , if the PAO label shows “12M”, it will mean that you can use that particular cosmetic product for “twelve months” from the day of its opening.

Power Perfection BB Cream Natural Beige V203 - 20g
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