The Face Shop Pomegranate & Collagen Volume Lifting Eye Cream - 50 ml

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  • An anti-aging skin care by The Face Shop that increases the skin's resilience through the interaction of pomegranate estrogen and marine collagen.
  • Pomegranate and Collagen Volume Lifting Eye Cream is a skin firming cream containing pomegranate extract and collagen infuses and plumps dry, sagging skin with moisture while providing radiance and nourishment. This multi-purpose eye cream glides on firmly and gently to parts of the skin that are sagging and sunken such as around the eyes, smile folds, neck and breasts to impart immediate moisturization and volume lifting through pomegranate extract-a treasure trove of natural estrogen and collagen.
  • This multifunctional firming eye cream contains collagen and the extract of pomegranate, a fruit known to be packed with beauty benefits
  • It gently hugs the eyes, neck and other dull, dehydrated areas to plump skin with moisture and restore its suppleness.
  • Provides immediate lifting and deeply moisturizing effects for sagging and dry eye area
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness & dark circles
  • Can also be used on any other parts of body that need lifting
  • Unveils a firmer, smoother and re-sculpted eye area
  • Firms up the skin around the eyes.
  • Marine Collagen provides resilience to the skin and prevents the formation of lines & wrinkles, hereby reducing signs of aging.
  • Pomegranate extract helps to brighten the skin
  • After nourishing your face with the serum and emulsion, apply a pea size amount onto the eye area
  • Gently pat with your ring finger in circular motion till fully absorbed

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The Face Shop Pomegranate & Collagen Volume Lifting Eye Cream - 50 ml
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