Dr. Belmeur Clean Face Mild Lotion - 145 ml

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AED 57.00
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A refreshing lotion that cares for your skin worries and fills in moisture without stickiness. Use after toner, get adequate amount and gently pat all over.
    1. Gives skin a pure boost of instant hydration
    2. Leaves your skin feeling soft hydrated and smooth
    3. Cream contains whitening actives that penetrate deep to lighten, whiten and brighten skin
    How to use:
    1. End your routine with the key to youthful skin- Moisturizers! Take an almond sized amount onto your hand
    2. Gently apply on face and neck in circular motions
    3. Apply in the day and night
    Dr. Belmeur Clean Face Mild Lotion - 145 ml
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