FMGT Maxx Eye Vegan Lash Ampoule (vegan) - 11g

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AED 140.00
AED 140.00


  • Eyelashes strengthened and moisturized from the roots! An eyelash ampoule to create healthy lashes
  • a nourishing light yellow/orange colored formula as it contains plant-based carrot oil!


  • Those who want to treat lashes weakened from frequent eye makeup and lash perms/ extensions
  • Those who are concerned about sagging lashes 
  • Those who are looking for a mild lash care product that is safe for use on sensitive eye areas (vegan-certified formula applied)


  • ▪ The sponge ball tip helps to brush the ampoule on parts that are hard to reach, including lash roots and undereye areas. ▪ The thick, curved nylon brush feels soft and helps to easily and comfortably apply the product through lashes from root to tip
  • A gel network structure that holds in rich moisture helps form a hydrating coating layer to prevent fast evaporation of the hydrating gel base. ▪ The fast-absorbing formula immediately adds elasticity and glow to lashes.
  • NO animal-derived ingredients ✓ Applying vegan formula certified by the Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services
  • Mascara that can be safely used on delicate eye areas


  • BIOTIN - Also known as Vitamin B7, the ingredient is involved in protein-related metabolic processes, helping to nourish, moisturize, and enhance elasticity of lashes
  • KERATIN - A major protein substance that forms hair strands, helping to boost moisturization, growth and health of hair strands.


  1. Apply the product with the round ball brush part from the root along the eyeline.
  2. Use the brush part to comb through lashes.
  3. Easily removed when washed with lukewarm water and gently rubbed.
  4. Volume & Curl Curved nylon brush to add volume and curl

FMGT Maxx Eye Vegan Lash Ampoule (vegan) - 11g
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