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FMGT New Bold velvet Lipstick 06 ( Apple Puree )

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AED 149.00
AED 149.00


  • A soft, velvety matte lipstick that melts softly and comfortably and adheres quickly on lips.
  • This lipstick helps create a bold and velvety lip look. Silky velvet texture that applies smoothly onto the lips.


  • with micro powders that applies on the lips evenly without forming bumps. 
  • 8 types of oil that are rich in Vitamin E. Sea buckthorn / Sunflower seed/ Cotton seed/ Black bean/ Safflower seed/ Linseed/ Green tea/ Apricot Kernel oil


  • Customers who want a smooth, matte lipstick without dryness.

  • Customers who want luxurious velvety lips.

  • Customers who want a evenly applied, highly pigmented lipstick.


  • Apply directly onto the lips evenly.

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FMGT New Bold velvet Lipstick 06 ( Apple Puree )
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