Dr. Belmeur Red Pro-Retinol Serum - 50ml

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Dr. Belmeur Red Pro-Retinol Serum set that is formulated with LG patented Pro-Retinol formula to deliver maximum anti-aging and healing benefits.

Main Feature:

Provides intensive wrinkle care yet gentle on the skin, making it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. All-in-one serum that provides care for 5 types of skin aging - wrinkles, saggy skin, pores, dry skin and uneven skin texture.

Key Ingredients: 

  • Red Propolis (Antioxidant)
    • Red propolis is a combination of resin from red trees(ex. Dalvergia ecastophyllum), tree sap, bees' saliva, and wax. It is known to have a great antioxidant effect
  • Pro-Retinol (Anti-wrinkle)
    • Medimin A is a Vitamin A derivatives independently developed by LG H&H, to improve the absorbing ability and stability of the ingredient
    • Has excellent collagen synthesis ability (40% of collagen synthesis ability increase in 0.01ppm concentration. Highly effective yet safe anti-wrinkle ingredient with high absorption rat
    • 3.3 times higher skin absorbing ability, 1.4 times higher collagen synthesis ability compared to traditional Retinol

Usage Directions: 

Dispense a pea-sized amount on fingertips and gently massage it on the skin after toning.

Dr. Belmeur Red Pro-Retinol Serum - 50ml
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