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Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Soothing Mist - 100ml

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Oily / Combination
AED 120.00
AED 120.00
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- Skin type: Acne, sensitive skin

Ingredients: As a product of a safe cosmetic line researched and extracted by Dr. BELMEUR, this is a specialized product line for acne / sensitive skin that has been tested for absolute safety. For skin

Uses: Instantly cools the skin to help cool the skin before the impact of the environment.
- Replenish moisture, balance oil and water, keep skin soft and full of vitality.
- Helps restore skin damaged by acne, due to environmental influences, helping your sensitive skin become healthier, brighter and smoother.
- Antibacterial ability, helps reduce swelling caused by infection, restore acne skin, prevent recurrence of acne, improve resistance to damaged skin.

Instructions for use: Hold the product about 10 ~ 20 cm away from the face and gently spray on the face and skin area that needs cooling. In the form of a mist, the water will quickly absorb into the skin and dry within 3-4 minutes to provide moisture to the skin, bringing a very pleasant feeling.
- Can be used at any time of the day, when the skin feels tired. Or spray before / after makeup to keep makeup more durable.

Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Soothing Mist - 100ml
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