50% OFF - FMGT Designing Eyebrow Pencil 01 Light Brown (Refill)- 0.3g

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AED 8.00
  • Auto eyebrow pencil with square flat brow to design eyebrows with ease and convenience.
  • Natural touch every day with a less-irritating square brow: Change from the existing triangular type to a smoother square type ensures less irritation even on sensitive skin to support a smooth and natural-looking eyebrow every day
  • Easy and convenient flat brow design: even a beginner can complete a straight-line eyebrow with ease and convenience by just straight stroking with The Face Shop's exclusive design flat brow
  • Looking trendy from light brown to dark color: new additional colors to allow you to choose the right color for you and create more spontaneous and trendier eyebrows.

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50% OFF - FMGT Designing Eyebrow Pencil 01 Light Brown (Refill)- 0.3g
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