The Face Shop Allover Perfume Mist 02 Baby Musk ( Blue ) - 120 ml

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Texture: Watery


    • Fresh & Versatile Fragrance: Combines the benefits of "refreshing extracts" and "versatile" into a clear statement.
    • Ylang Ylang: A sweet, floral scent with a touch of spice and fruitiness.
    • Glabanum: A green, balsamic scent with a leathery and earthy nuance.
    • Basil: A fresh, herbal scent with a slightly peppery kick.
    • Jasmine: A sweet, delicate, and slightly indole floral scent.
    • Rose: A classic floral scent that can range from sweet and fresh to deep and velvety.
    • Peach: A juicy, sweet, and slightly tart fruity scent.
    • Iris: A powdery, floral scent with a touch of violet and woody nuances.
    • Vanilla: A sweet, warm, and comforting scent.
    • Amber: A warm, balsamic scent with a touch of sweetness and smokiness.
    • Woodsy Notes: This could encompass various wood notes like cedarwood, sandalwood, or vetiver, adding depth and earthiness to the fragrance.


      •  A versatile perfumed mist that can be used on hair, body and anywhere else needed. Introducing The Face Shop All Over Perfume Mist Baby Musk that keeps you fresh all day long. This perfumed mist is formulated with refreshing extracts of basil, jasmine, rose and peach.


      • Alcohol: This is a common ingredient in perfume mists that helps disperse the fragrance and allows it to dry quickly.
      • Water: This is likely the main ingredient.
      • Fragrance Oils: These create the specific scent ("Baby Musk") of the mist, likely containing a blend of various aroma chemicals and essential oils.
      • Botanical Extracts: The description mentions extracts of jasmine, rose & peach. These might be included in small quantities for their scent or potential skin-soothing properties.

        How to Use:

        • Layer with other products: For a longer-lasting scent, layer your body mist with a lotion or body cream that has a complementary fragrance. Apply the lotion first, then mist on top.

        • Reapply throughout the day (optional): Body mists typically have a lighter concentration of fragrance compared to perfumes. If you want a stronger scent throughout the day, reapply as needed to pulse points. However, be mindful of overdoing it.

        • Store properly: Keep your body mist in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat. This will help preserve the fragrance's quality.

        • Target specific areas: You can also mist your hair for a subtle scent that lingers


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