Jeju Volcanic Lava Impurity Removing Nose Pack - 50g

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Jeju Volcanic Lava Impurity Removing Nose Pack is a peel-off nose mask pack formulated with Jeju Volcanic Ash which absorbs excess sebum, remove impurities and‚ blackheads‚ from the skin. It helps‚ clarify complexion to leave your skin with a refreshing, matte finish.
  • Formulated with naturally-derived ingredients in Jeju such as lotus, canola.
  • Formulated with 7 kinds of botanical extracts such as Green Tea, Rosemary to revitalize your weary skin.
  • Free of 7 kinds of harmful ingredients such as Parabens, Mineral Oil.
  • Passed skin irritation test.
    Key Points:
    Peel-off type nose pack
    Removes excess sebum
    Clears out pores
    Improves the appearance of enlarged pores
    Refreshes the skin
    Skin irritation test completed
    [How to use]
    Apply an even layer on the nose area.
    Leave on 10-15 minutes or until it gets completely dry.
    Gently peel off from outer edges

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    Jeju Volcanic Lava Impurity Removing Nose Pack - 50g
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