Rice Water Bright Vegan Eye Cream - 20ml

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    •  Cream


    •  Rice Water Bright line with milky-white rice water-like nourishing formula to brighten and moisturize skin


    •  Rice water is the murky water left over after washing rice. It is also called rice juice or white water in Korea. Known to provide various skin benefits, rice water contains Vitamins B1 and B2 and starch. It is known to have a brightening effect and is used for face washing in Korea
    • The rice water-like, milky-white serum seamlessly applies on skin with a moisturizing finish.
    • Brightening effect: Niacinamide and Rice water ingredients made through 28 days of fermentation of freshly harvested rice using yeast from white hibiscus flowers make skin flawless.
    • Vegan certification: Certified as a formula free from animal-derived ingredients by the Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services
    • Skin tests: Clinically tested for skin brightness improvement, completed skin irritation test.


    •  Fermentation with Yeoju rice and yeast from white flowers
    • Organically grown Yeoju rice served to the royal family
    • Skin barrier-enhancing Korean rice - Richinlipidingredientsincluding Sphingosine & Squaleneand skin barrier-enhancing ingredients including Fatty Acid and Amino Acid
    • Organic Yeoju rice rich in skin-loving ingredients - Organic Yeoju rice with high protein content, Regular Yeoju rice: 6.21%, regular Gyeongju rice: 6.01%,-Organic Yeoju rice: 6.34%, organic Gyeongju rice: 6.22%
    • 99.7%refinedpureNiacinamide
    • Vegan formula(certified by the Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services) / Free from 7 harmful ingredients(fragrance, Paraben, Phthalate, MineralOil, PEG,synthetic pigment, animal-derived ingredients)


    • after you've already used your face moisturizer. The eye cream should be one of the last products you use, the only thing that should follow it is sun protection if you apply your eye cream in the morning.