50% OFF - Yehwadam Artemisia Soothing Moisturizing Toner - 180 ml

  • A clear, fresh toner that delivers instant moisture to the skin.
  • Rich moisturizing ingredients that replenish deep hydration to the skin form a moisture barrier.
  • Bringing together three elements: Ye (herbs and plants), Hwa (flowers), and Dam (story), the power of traditional Korean ingredients is now captured in Yehwadam! Made with 3 precious Korean medicinal herbs
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SOOTHE: Artemisia Capillaris from Yeong-Cheon
a.k.a. Mugwort, rich in vitamins and minerals. Artemisia was recorded in Dongui Bogam, a book on Korean medicine that is over 400 years old! In ancient times, people believed that their skin became clearer if they drank Artemisia infusions or used it in a herbal bath. On skin, it has detoxification, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

PURIFY: Houttuyniae Herba from Gong-Ju
a.k.a. Heartleaf, traditionally-used as a heat-clearing herbal medicine to relieve symptoms of fever. Houttuyniae is proven to have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and is a well-loved ingredient in soothing, trouble care cosmetics. On skin, it treats diseases and promotes healing.

MOISTURIZE: Water Lily from Tae-An
a.k.a. “The Goddess of Water” as it always looks pristine and pure even though it grows from the dirt. Traditionally used as a restorative medicine, the Water Lily root has the ability to absorb and filter out toxic substances in water. As a result, the flower receives purified water that allows it to grow well and stay beautiful. On skin, Water Lily provides protective, anti-oxidant benefits.


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50% OFF - Yehwadam Artemisia Soothing Moisturizing Toner - 180 ml
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