Passion and Beyond Daily Defense Mild Family Body Sun - 100ml

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AED 100.00
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Beyond Eco Daily Defense Mild Family Body Sun - 100 ml

French coastal red algae protects skin and effective ingredients absorb ultraviolet rays. It's a body sunscreen for the whole family. It comes with an SPF50+, PA+++ It contains Red algae extract ; True eco complex ingredient to keeps the skin healthy.

The sun is not only a generator of infinite heat and light, but also an aggressive source of ultraviolet radiation, from which you need to carefully protect your skin in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Sun protection body cream Eco Defense Mild Family Body Sun SPF 50+ from the Korean brand Beyond is a reliable tread for the whole family that carefully takes care of the health of the skin. Prevents premature photoageing of epithelial cells, gently brightens age spots, eliminates irritation.

Wormwood leaves relieve swelling and redness, remove toxins from the skin, regulate cell metabolism and stimulate their renewal.


How to Use: Apply the cream evenly on dry, clean skin of the face and body.

Passion and Beyond Daily Defense Mild Family Body Sun - 100ml
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