Passion and Beyond Verbena Shampoo – 450ml

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AED 120.00
AED 120.00
  • A shampoo with long-lasting refreshing verbena fragrance thoroughly cleanse scalp and hair exhausted by external stimulation.
  • Clean the scalp and hair to obtain external stimulation clearly and refreshingly.
  • This shampoo also has the smell of fresh and long-lasting citrus verbena.
  • The Verbena collection collaborates with Mathier Nardin, who wins the fragrance of the year 2018, which is a green citrus verbena fragrance to make products for the body and hair.

[How to use]

  • Take an appropriate amount of shampoo in your hand, soak it in wet hair,bubble it out, massage, and rinse thoroughly with water at a moderate temperature.







Important Details of a Product

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Passion and Beyond Verbena Shampoo – 450ml
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