Passion and Beyond Deep Moisture Signature Body Balm - 150 ml

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AED 215.00
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Nutrition rich triple active source™ and butter rich body balm, butter spread thin application forms moisture shield on the skin.

Natural moisture particles rich 3 yeast extract gives skin vitality for elastic moisture, soft and deep floral musk fragrance gives refreshing comfort!

Natural scrap gently removes skin exfoliation.
A high moisturizing body balm enriched with nutritious yeast extract and butter.
It settles in a very thin layer like butter spread, making an oil and moisture protection layer over skin.

  • High moisturizing body cream with anti -wrinkle effect that contains butter to provide hydration to the skin.
  • Triple Active Source™ enriched with 3 kinds of yeast extract supplies rich nutrients to skin, creating vitalized, elastic skin.
  • Eco Farming Complex offers mild soothing and hydration to skin with pleasant, elegant floral and white musk scent, leaving skin fully hydrated and healthy.

  • [How to use]:

    After shower or bath, take an appropriate amount of the product and spread on the entire body evenly.

    Passion and Beyond Deep Moisture Signature Body Balm - 150 ml
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