Passion and Beyond Argan Therapy Hair Mist - 150ml

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AED 75.00
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Contains argan oil to offer nutrients and moisture to your dry hair. Makes your hair healthy.

  • Eco Farming Complex
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • No Paraben Added
  • Minimum Chemical Colorants
  • Eco Beauty Lab

Contains Moroccan argan oil, monoi oil, and macadamia oil, which provide luster and gloss on dry hair.

This light oil type mist without sticky feeling makes your hair tranquil and moist by delivering nutrition and moisture onto dry hair due to external stimulation and electrostatic shock.

Daily glow/moisturizing line for hair that gives fuzzy, dry hair a shine with deep nutrient and moisture from argan oil.

  • Prevent fuzziness and keeps hair moist for a long time
  • How to use: Spray the formula 10cm away from dried or wet hair for a satisfying effect

Moroccan Argan Oil

  • The “Tree of life” in Morocco Oil with rich moisture and nutrients A type of oil extracted from argania tree fruit that grows only in the rarest desert areas, contains more than two times vitamin E than olive oil

Macadamia Oil

  • Oil rich with nutrients and quickly absorbed to skin
  • Oil extracted from macadamia nut that native Australians used to eat.
  • Also known as “vanishing oil” for its property of quick absorption and rich nutrient

Monoi Oil

  • Tiare flower & Refined coconut oil - Monoi oil is a type of oil extracted from Tiare using coconut oil.
  • Tiare originally from Polynesia is an important ingredient in Polynesian medicine that is effective against migraine/earache/healing wounds & eczema.
  • Coconut oil is pressurized to obtain an oil rich with saturated fatty acid.

Suggested Use

Hold about 10-15 cm from hair, spray a light mist over dry hair

Condition : NEW - Volume : 150ml

Passion and Beyond Argan Therapy Hair Mist - 150ml
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