FMGT Gold Collagen Ampoule Luxury Base - 40ml
EXPIRATION DATE: DECEMBER 20 2025   FEATURES: A makeup base infused with gold particles and collagen moisturizing gel. Replenishes and nourishes the skin leaving a glowing, radiant finish. Tightly adheres to makeup to prolonged makeup wear. INGREDIENTS: Gold – leaves...
AED 108.00
50% OFF - FMGT Designing Eyebrow Pencil 01 Light Brown (Refill)- 0.3g
EXPIRATION: APRIL 2024 BENEFITS: Auto eyebrow pencil with square flat brow to design eyebrows with ease and convenience. FEATURES: Natural touch every day with a less-irritating square brow: Change from the existing triangular type to a smoother square type ensures...
AED 16.00 AED 8.00
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FMGT Brow Lasting Proof Browcaara 02 ( Brown ) - 7g
FEATURE: A smudge-proof, waterproof and long lasting brow mascara that can creates desired eyebrow shapes and colors. It consists mini pine tree-shaped brush to create a fuller eyebrow by delivering high color payoff without smudging. Its cross-fitting formula adheres to eyebrows evenly...
AED 45.00 AED 22.50
50% OFF - Passion and Beyond Acnature Healing Spot Gel 20ml
EXPIRATION DATE: MARCH 3 2024 FEATURES: Spot Healer with AC-Nature Complex is a spot treatment gel that calms and soothes sensitive and irritated areas of sensitive skin. Provides intensive healing and soothing effect and helps to keep the skin clean...
AED 150.00 AED 75.00
50% OFF - belif Hungarian Water Essence-Moisture Binder - 75 ml
EXPIRATION DATE: JANUARY 07 204 BENEFITS: belif Hungarian Water Essence - Moisture Binder recharges skin's lost hydration back in an instant. This formula contains a blend of apothecary herbs, including rosemary and lavender-powerful hydrating and antioxidant agents. This ultra-light watery...
AED 265.00 AED 132.50
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50% OFF - Passion and Beyond Healing force Scalp Clinic Exfoliator - 100ML
  FEATURES: A specialized scalp exfoliator that softly removes impurities and dead skin cells blocking scalp skin pores with a natural plant scrubber, lygodium while the formula which includes Houttuynia cordata and morus bark extracts gently moisturize the scalp. HOW...
AED 110.00 AED 55.00
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50% OFF - Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Rejuvenating Radiance Eye Serum - 30ML
EXPIRATION:FEBRUARY 24 2024  BENEFITS: Brightens and Increase the firmness of delicate eye areas Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines for a youthful-looking complexion. FORMULATED:  with premium oriental medicine such as Pearl Extract, Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract. HOW...
AED 450.00 AED 225.00
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50% OFF - Dr.Belmeur Intense Face Mask-Spot Care - 30 ml
EXPIRATION: APRIL 19 2024   BENEFITS: Dr. Belmeur Intense Mask Spot Care is a low irritating soothing and smooth mask sheet soaked in a solution infused with tea tree, beta-glucan, Chaga mushroom extract (glycoprotein) and blue citrus peel extract to...
AED 30.00 AED 15.00
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