Real Nature Foaming Cleanser Blueberry - 120ml

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AED 30.00
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Perfect cleansing, light brightening and nourishing the skin.  

The tool has a powerful regenerating, stimulating, moisturizing and tonic effect. Increases collagen synthesis, has antioxidant properties, preserves the natural firmness, elasticity and beauty of your skin. Blueberry extract restores the impaired barrier function of the skin, reduces moisture loss, strengthens blood vessels, and prevents the appearance of rosacea. Evens out and improves the tone of the face, softens the manifestations of acne, removes red traces of post-acne. Intensively moisturizes the skin. Foam perfectly narrows enlarged pores, inhibits the growth of bacteria, gives the skin a natural, delicate glow. 

Suitable for all skin types. 

Volume: 120 ml 

Real Nature Foaming Cleanser Blueberry - 120ml
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